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Robin Dods: Selected Works
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Robin Dods: Selected Works

Robin Dods (1868 - 1920) was renowned for designing extraordinarily innovative and stylish houses. Much like the work of his close friend and confidant, the Scottish architect and furniture designer Sir Robert Lorimer, his design was deeply influenced by the Arts and Crafts tradition. Unlike Lorimer, however, Dods did not practice in the cool climes of northern Europe, but the sub-tropical environment of Brisbane, Australia, and in response developed a unique architectural approach that stands as one of the earliest examples of climate-responsive design in this country.

Robin Dods: Selected Works represents a selection of 33 of Dods’ more significant projects, from a body of known work amounting to more than 650 projects over a lifetime. Author Robert Riddel has spent decades researching the work of Dods, and his writing and research into this seminal figure joins contributions from Dr Clive Lucas, who is responsible for restoring and conserving over 50 landmark sites across the country, and Professor John Macarthur, The University of Queensland Dean and Head of the School of Architecture. It also includes photography by the architect and photographer Richard Stringer, whose expert eye perfectly captures the extraordinary essence that made Dods such a highly-sought after talent in his time, and his surviving buildings such a treasured presence today.

This project has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Robert Riddel


Hardback 200pp


Release Date:
16 June 2012